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When an animal or person tilts their head and somehow gives the effect of adorable, big, puppy eyes. It can make people say yes since they can't resist the cuteness. Most people can do it with a little bit of makeup.
I have to give ice cream to my sister since she gave me the 'puppy eyes' look.
by Someone who defined puppy eyes December 02, 2013
That look your cute babe gives you when you're slamming her real good and she whimpers like a child, but doesn't want you to stop.
Sofia turned her head and gave Nataniel those big, round puppy eyes and he slammed into her in the Saucy Spoon position.
by deemayjee March 21, 2016
When a girl is giving head and looks up at her dude
Guy 1: " oh man, morticia was so hott the other night!"
Guy 2: "Why?"
Guy 1: "Dude she gave me puppy eyes"
by maccaronitoni November 11, 2014
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