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Money. From the Egyptian akka.
I got some ackers!
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
1: An absolutely immeasurable amount.
2: Far too much to comprehend.
3: Bordering upon an infinte quantity.
Andy: Jeez.. How bleedin' hard did you hit that??

Simon: Ackers.

Andy: ohh.. Right.
by simey_seller September 06, 2007
A word used to describe a girl who is not only overweight, but also resembles a duck. The word is derived from the word Quacker.
That girl Carly is such an acker! She looks like she belongs in the pond!
by A Frail Brownie August 19, 2011
Ackers came from the famous incestuous event in Austria, many years ago. His father/uncle/brother thought he had "died", and said to have burned the body. However, what happened was he was dumped in a river, and using his webbed freakish feet, waded and swam to England. Fishermen caught him, and attempted to sell him, thinking he was a rare and new type of fish. Then they found out he was just retarded, and stuck him in a bun and tried feeding him to a fat woman, who shit him out 3 weeks later.
"Have you seen the new retarded kid in school?"
"Yeah, he looks like Ackers."
by Kat with a C. May 06, 2008
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