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A very very good looking British actor. He not just your average hot British guy: he studied English Lit at Oxford (an amazing school), where his dad is a professor of philosophy. Hugh is also fluent in French and a fantastic actor. Another plus, if you've been seeing those new "Burberry Brit for Men" cologne ads, you've been looking right at Hugh! And, to be even more convinced of his hotness, go rent "Ella Enchanted" in which Hugh plays (you guessed it) Prince Charming! It's an amazing movie, and Hugh is an amazing person with an amazing personality, and he is extremely hot!
There can't be a perfect example without a picture - go search for a picture and you'll be sure to understand...
by i_love_hugh February 24, 2005
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a very very very attractive british actor. also very talented.although i doubt he actually dances.
Hugh Dancy is one of the hottest british actors out there.
by me March 24, 2004

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