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Betting on anything, even if it is inanimate, without considering the outcome, or possibilities involved.

Having a wager by habit or subconsciously without thought of even the wager itself.

Gambling in an unquantifiable way.
man1: Hi mate, you ok?

man2: Yeah im just off to the pub!

man1: Bet you fall over in the next 5 minutes!

Man2: Bet i only graze 1 limb!

Man1: Bet its a martian you trip over!

etc. etc.. *Gamblail*
by simey_seller September 06, 2007
Something, Anything, one might do when one is bored.
Anything to pass time rather than do nothing.
*high pitched nasal humming noise*
Fred: What are you doing?
Paul, stops humming: Me? Just a little Frimple.
Fred: Frimple? Why?
Paul: Dunbore!
by simey_seller September 11, 2007
1: An absolutely immeasurable amount.
2: Far too much to comprehend.
3: Bordering upon an infinte quantity.
Andy: Jeez.. How bleedin' hard did you hit that??

Simon: Ackers.

Andy: ohh.. Right.
by simey_seller September 06, 2007
An unknown item or quantity, or something you know quite well but can't get your brain to name.
woman: What the hell is that?!?
Man: .. Errr.. Ummm.. Blail!
by simey_seller September 06, 2007
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