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Phrase meaning "what I'm about to say is important." That is "I'm not saying this for my health"....

Generally said as "Not f'nuthin', but...."

NYC/East Coast slang of the caucasian working class (particularly Italians)...
"Not for nothing, but your mom has the best rack I've seen in years...."

by VerbalGimp September 06, 2006
Old school American street slang for "best buddy" or "running partner".
"Little Drippy? He's my ace Jim - Fuck with him and you fuck with me...."
by VerbalGimp May 14, 2007
Phencyclidine - aka PCP or "Angel Dust". Can be used to refer to other types of drugs, particularly when used as an adjective (eg "I was zooted last night...") but in NYC at least traditionally meant PCP.
"Jones is wigged - been smoking that zootie all day...."
by VerbalGimp December 16, 2007
West coast hipster/deadhead slang for heroin - particularly "Persian" heroin base.
"Man, Jerry's been so messed up on the schmeeze lately he can barely play!"
by VerbalGimp September 06, 2006
Old school term for a skilled pickpocket.
"Stumpy is a real class cannon - he can clean out a vic's pockets faster than a flatfoot can eat a donut!"
by VerbalGimp May 14, 2007
A female who is sexual "property" of an outlaw motorcycle club - available to all club members unlike a member's "old lady".
That fine mama pulled a train for the whole club last week....
by VerbalGimp October 15, 2007
To leave a place. Probably from "to tip one's hat". 60s/70s East Coast US.
"I gotta tip before my old lady comes lookin' for me...".

by VerbalGimp November 11, 2007

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