jacking off 5 times in a day. this can cascade to such things like 'double ace' etc
having a day in the dorm by himself, tom successfully pulled off the elusive tipple ace.
by noochems January 11, 2009
weapon used for protection in areas where danger is possible. Used commonly by thugs and gangbangers when they hit the club scene. Related to gats and glocks.
I keep my ace in my pants in case somethin should pop off.
by kurtisjax November 01, 2006
ace states something that is shocking, dry, cool or if you hurt yourself.
1st person:did you no that my house blew up yesterday
2nd person:ace!

1st person:a horse walks in to a bar and the landlord says "why the long face" hahahahaha
2nd person:ace...

person1:hey i got a bag of cannabis for $10 000

tom:*cuts his finger* ACE!!!!!!!
by i own da lok nes monster April 21, 2006
An ace is an individual who displays homosexual qualities. It is derived from the synonym of "gay" known as "tool". Since tools are sold at Ace Hardware, and ace can be used as someone who is considered a tool.
Wow, that dude is wearing ugg slippers and a v-neck. What an ace.
by Yung_Chedder November 02, 2010
Contraction of Ass Face. Covert way of calling someone ugly without it sounding like an insult.
"Check out that ace over there. Looks like his neck threw up"
by Wordsworth Bottomtooth III March 13, 2010
An extreamly gay emo boy who likes to wear womens clothes and eyeliner.
Stop being such an Ace!
by miss-bexy February 26, 2009
The one testicled beast from Mississippi.
"Oh...So THATS why they call him Ace."
by bigbrainyteen September 07, 2007
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