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as stated before AC-DC = Alternateing current - Direct Current
Info taken from 'Shock To The System' by Mark Putterfor

The Young's sister Margaret suggested something she'd seen on the back of a vacuum cleaner: 'AC/DC'. According to Angus, "It had something to do with electricity, so it seemed to fit...". The Young brothers were ignorant of the bisexual connotation that the term carried, and after opening for bisexual rocker Lou Reed, many gay clubs tried to book them...convinced they were a bisexual group.
by 1madmonkey July 07, 2005
not a sewing machine, dumbass, the guitar amplifier. best rock band out there, still going strong. Bon Scott, origional lead singer, was better than present singer Brian Johnson; but he still kicks ass. anybody that doesn't like ac:dc, take 2 pairs of tweezers and shove them into your eardrums. you might like it assholes
AC:DC still kicks ass after several world tours and decades!
by Bon Scott June 01, 2005
Bisexual, swings both ways.
Friday I saw him in a gay bar; Saturday he was with a woman. AC-DC, I guess.
by octopod November 09, 2003
AC/DCis the best band ever except for led zeppelin. They are classic rock and they will always be one of hte best bands of all time.
Did you hear Thunderstruck by AC/DC, that song is the shit.

AC/DC will never lose its popularity.
by Rockin' Dude 1972 June 23, 2005
the best damn band in the whole entire world. no matter what people say, they are fucking awsome!!!!
acdc is fucking awsome!!!
by acdc_fuckin_rules!! April 23, 2005
Term meaning Bisexual, or someone who likes both sexes as partners.
Hey, did you hear about Brittney, I think she's AC DC!
by chetario January 27, 2006
ACDC - whilst being famous as a large rockband, the term AC-DC can also be slang for persons who swing both ways sexually - i.e. a bisexual
"Dude, Tom had a threesome with a bird and a bloke last night"
"Wow - that must have been wierd"
"No way man, Tom's a bit AC-DC"
by barneyg June 22, 2003