Alec Cooper and David Carlson.
Did ACDC come to the party?
by Ac Dc October 12, 2009
The best band ever.... Oh and the dude before me i hard to describe in words.

but here a few FAGGET< ASSTARD< PUSSY< Uncle FUCKER Bon scott/ Brian johnson kickass.
Go stick ur dads dick up your ass!!!
That dude who dosnt like acdc sucks major ass.
by Fucking asshole April 12, 2005
A lousy Grade Point Average of 2.25 for four courses, consisting of an A, two C's, and a D. If this is your norm, don't plan on going to grad school, or else you'll be taking the HI-GHWAY TO HELL!
Btw, my grades totally suck this semester, an A a C and a D. If I had another class and got a C in it id have ACDC lol. My A was in Computer Repair of course.
by Nick Weiner March 31, 2009
A band of old men who seem to appear more like sexual predators than rockstars lately.
"A school girl with a fantasy" - Stop thinking about school girls ACDC.
by Aw3s0m3L!z April 12, 2011
Stands for Adam/Chu Dance Crew. The Adam/Chu Dance Crew is part of an online dance battle against the Miley and Mandy show. The largest online dance battle in history, that is!

Jon M. Chu (Director of Step Up 2 The Streets) and Adam Sevani (Moose in Step Up 2 The Streets) along with their other Step Up 2 cast members and other ACDC recruits battle back at Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux in this epic online dance battle that has taken YouTube by storm.

It is obvious that the ACDC dance crew is far more talented with more fans. In addition they clearly have much better celebrity crew members such as
Lil John
Adam Sandler
Chris Brown
Brittany Snow
Amanda Bynes
Diana Ross
Lindsay Lohan
Omg I am definitely rooting for ACDC dance crew because Miley and Mandy are total teen sluts with no talent!
by shizzle032093175 June 26, 2008
1. A dance crew that copied the name from an awesome rock band (read 3)
2. Bisexual
3. The best rock band in history. If you go to, and go to ACDC 101, and go to the 70's it says:

With their name taken from the power outlet on the family vacuum cleaner, some wrongly assumed it to be a reference to the bisexuality of the band members, a situation that saw them play a number of gay bars where they won over the patrons with their sheer energy.

That's where they got the name from. Australians game them the nickname Accadacca instead of saying each letter. This is also the only definition this world needs.
1. (person clicks on ACDC Dance Crew video) What the hell this isn't AC/DC

2. Joe: Hey Nick howcome Yesterday Kevin was going out with a girl and now he's going out with a guy? Nick: Because he's AC-DC

3. AC/DC is the best band ever nuff said
by AccadaccaForever July 19, 2009
1. (n.) One of the greatest rock bands of all time (usually spelled with a '/' or lightning bolt in between 'AC' and 'DC')
2. (adj.) Bisexual
3. (n.) Hermaphrodite
1. The only song those mainstream idiots know by AC DC is "Highway to Hell".

2. She's so AC DC, she fucked him as well as his sister.

3. The androgynous AC DC was in a little film called "Chicks With Dicks".
by foamyyy April 13, 2006

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