one of the best friggin bands ever. founded in 1974 by Malcom and Angus Young. the bands first album was High Voltage. the band had a ton of lineup changes when they were first forming, but they got a stable one in 1975. it was Malcolm Young (rhythym guitar), Angus Young (lead guitarist), Phil Rudd (drums), Bon Scott (vocals), and Mark Evans (bass). Mark was fired in 1977, and replaced with Cliff Williams. Bon died from alcohol asphyxiation in early 1980. he was replaced by Brian Johnson later that year. Phil was fired in '83, after getting in a fist-fight with Malcolm. he was replaced by Simon Wright, who was then replaced by Chris Slade in 1989. Phil rejoined in '94. their name means "Alternate Current/Direct Current", and it was seen on the back of some appliance (some say a sewing machine, some say a vaccuum). it does not mean "Anti-Christ, Devil Child" they are NOT an anti-Christ band. Angus played guitar in a church as a kid, actually.
Riff Raff is a kickass AC-DC song
by Tommy F. September 02, 2005
A band of extremely talented rock and roll musicians. Probably the best band in music history.
I just got this kick ass acdc dvd.
by Steven December 30, 2003
1: An Australian Hard Rock Band.
2: AC/DC stands for Alternating Current/Direct Current, referring to electrical power.
3: Also refers to someone who is bi-sexual
'Back in black' is a classic rock song.
by AussiGirrrl June 25, 2005
The acronyms for the electrical terms: Alternating Current and Direct Current. AC/DC adapters will convert AC current (typically household 120volts in the US) to typically a lower voltage in DC. An AC/DC adapter - converter will usually consist of a transformer, 2 or more diodes and often a capacitor. A famous band was named after this term, which was suggested by their sister Margaret after she read it on an electric sewing machine's label. The name of the band has strangely been interpreted as bisexual or Satanist at times.
The keyboard needs an AC DC adapter
by kwhubby July 04, 2005
1. Rock band
2. Australian/British Term for a bisexual.
3. Alternate current/direct current
1. back in black, tnt, etc.
2. She's a handful, but lotsa fun mate. She's AC DC.
3. a bunch of electrical crap
by Anti December 22, 2004
best damn rock/metal band EVER!
ACDC rules!
by Cameron M August 12, 2003
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