acdc is one of the best fucking bands out there,along with led zepplin, lynard skynard, black sabbath, and metallica, if you disagree with me, GO FUCK YOURSELF, because you deserve to die.
ACDC is fucking awsome!
by acdcrules December 30, 2005
(or AC-DC)

bisexual (from an appliance that can operate with both alternating and direct currents)
He is not gay, he's AC-DC.
by Light Joker July 31, 2005
i have read a lot about acdc on this website.All of the dirogatory things about acdc is not does not stand for anti christ devil child.people just say that so when you listen to it you feel guilty.But it is not heavy metal.All you jerks can say what you want about ACDC but it will still be a great band.Who cares about how many chord changes it has? People that don't play instruments don't even notice so shut up.Everyone loves ACDC and it will be remebered by everyone who has ever listened to their music. ACDC truly ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
acdc-band stands for alternate current and direct current.
by rockman89 May 31, 2009
A Bi person, who goes either way
She is ACDC all the way
by Rydr May 12, 2009
Alternating Current/Direct Current
This is straight from the horses mouth. the ACDC website under their story link.

Dec 1973 * The band rehearses in Newtown, Australia and adopts the name AC/DC at the suggestion of Angus and Malcolm’s sister Margaret, who saw the sign on a sewing machine.
by atigg929 August 31, 2008
AC/DC (Alternating Current/Dirrect Current) is a Rock n Roll band formed in 1973 by Angus and Malcolm Young. The bands line up consisted of Angus/Malcolm Young (Guitars), Phil Rudd (Drums), Bon Scott (Vocals), Mark Evans (Bass). In 1977 Cliff Williams would step in and replace Evans. In early 1980 after the finish of their Highway To Hell Tour, Bon Scott died in a car from choking on his own vomit. 3 months later Brian Johnson was hired (Bon was a fan of Brian). AC/DC have the two most known rock albums in history and the top selling rock album to ever be released (Back In Black 1980). To this date AC/DC has continued to keep their simple rock and roll style, sound and attitude and will keep on until they feel they cannot preform the best they can.
Hey whos that on the radio?

Aw man, thats ACDC!!
by Scallopotatoes November 09, 2013
An old term used by taxi drivers - probably over CB radio - that would be a code for gay or bisexual. This was a story told by ACDC guitarist Malcolm Young when the band were new and were travelling by taxi to a venue.
Cabbie - "So what's the band called?"
Malcolm - "ACDC"
Cabbie - "Hey, you know what that means, don't you? You guys aren't all gay or something?
Malcolm - "WHAT? You looking for trouble pal?"
Cabbie - "No, no, seriously, all the cab drivers say it, you know. If you're bisexual, it's 'ACDC'; 50:50.
by 6-M@N May 06, 2014

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