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A child who is malicious and evil and will stop at nothing to hurt someone.
Reagans devil child tripped her down the stairs and she has four broken ribs and a dead uterus.
by gutter and gore April 19, 2008
a nickname of girls who don't sleep at all....
kate is one devil child, that ho was up all night long
by That_just_happened February 18, 2007
A group of 3 7th grade girls of extremely high annoyance. They mostly attack on
the unsuspecting. Their main attack is normally sitting with the person who is
sitting in the seat at the back of the bus that is made for 1 person. Common
names for devil children are Whitney, Katrina, and Caitlyn. It should also be
noted that once devil children decide to attack there is no stopping them.

Guy sitting alone in the 1 seater seat at the back of the bus. All the devil children pile into the seat so he can't breath as all three of them are sitting
on top of him.
by jokesterpants April 02, 2009
the child of your ignorant cousin who acts like the devil himself and acts as though everything in the world is his to take.
There he goes now! The Devil Child is loose!
by hamburg January 02, 2008
an offspring of Satan..Untrustworthy
An asshole of giant proportions.

devilchild child of Satan
by luciferbeelzibub January 13, 2009
A certain female who causes damage to people both physically and mentally and will bite, scratch, shoot, pinch, kick, punch, ECT just to cause pain to people because she is absolutely obsessed with causing pain to people and ruining their lives.
And... most likely has AIDS.
that Devil Child ruined my life!
by Goganthian May 02, 2008
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