basically waiting till you're married to have sex. strangely popular now that the jonas brothers do it - and because edward cullen made bella wait.
"So that's it? You won't sleep with me until we're married?" - Bella Swan.

by ilikesparkles May 30, 2009
According to recent studies, scientists have come to the shocking conclusion that abstinence is the only full-proof way to not get an STD or pregnant.

You don't have to be fat, ugly, or religious to practice abstinence. All you have to be is smart.
by the.marionette January 10, 2008
something intelligent ppl practice. also, the best method of pregnancy prevention and std prevention
im not fat (im 5 foot 2 and weigh 90 pounds) and im not a churchie (im an atheist, actually) and i practice abstinence
by 7}{47 0n3 p3rs0n August 30, 2005
A choice. Choosing not to do something that you want to do. Self-control.

See Sexual Abstinence
"I guess I should abstain from shopping this weekend; my credit card is maxed!"

"Yeah, I've had sex before, but I'm choosing abstinence now. I don't want herpes on my balls."

"I drank a lot in high school, but got tired of it. I guess you could say I'm "abstaining"--whatever--I don't have to drink to have a good time."
by Audra L January 29, 2009
not having sex till marrage and is also a form of touture for a girlfriend to do to a boyfriend.
guy says:wanna do it?
girl says:no iv got an abstinence!
guy says:masturbastion can only delay my needs.
girl says:i dont care about your feelings because iv got an abstinence
by alexdude666 January 13, 2009
Although it's the most fail-proof method of contraception, it's also the least fun. The word abstinence can mean refraining from something, e.g. abstinence from alcohol or drugs. But abstinence from sex is about as fun as watching paint dry. Various groups promoting abstinence use propaganda to get their way, such as videos of a couple having sex getting covered in horrible sores and dying in flames.
Abstinence group: Abstinence gets you into heaven! If you have sex outside of marriage, God will give you herpes, AIDS and all sorts of STDs!
Anyone with a brain: God doesn't give you herpes, unsafe sex does. Just use a fucking condom!
by driftking18594 February 16, 2010
Something people like me do for reasons not always religious. I'm abstinent because I don't wanna be that girl who got pregnant when she was 15 and now has a McJob.
Abstinence is not always for religious reasons.
by ****^_^**** May 03, 2010

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