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Really really smart creative guy who hates bush. Frontman for the band pearl jam, doesn't like to be mainstream. BILLIONS have copied his singing style, which is muddy and full of ERRRRRRR's and AHHHHHH's and random lion growls. also very hot. Has enviromental issues.
I'm eddiehhh vedderrrrr....DESTROY THE MEDIA MACHINE!!!!!!!!
by GANJAMAN November 06, 2004
The best type of STD pervention. Close your legs and no diseases come in.
The AIDS virus can easily go through the latex molecules in a condom.
by GANJAMAN March 24, 2005
theres a stereotype that all Brazilian women are hot, but i know a bunch of ugly ones. Being brazilian and female myself, i can say this. Not all of us will just hop into bed with a guy and dance around with thongs. A few of them have more self esteem than that. OBRIGADO IS THANK YOU DUMASS!!!
Brazilian bimbo: OHLE EM MEUS PEITOS GRANDES!!!! translate that
Smart brazilian person:....I'm cool
by GANJAMAN November 14, 2004
some dumass middle school teenager who is as rich as hell and wear clothes like he's from the ghetto.Thinks he has he has hoes but the only one who he would lose his virginity to is his mom. Thinks rock is "for losers". Listens to too much 50 cent and tells everyone he used to live in "the projects". friends consist of a bunch of airheads who say LOL!! the whole time and his own dim-witted species
Annoying kid: Yo dawg i got street cred
<gets shot instaneously>
by GANJAMAN March 05, 2005
This dude who liked to wear headbands and leather pants, had an extremely high pitched voice, and claimed to get laid every night. Oh ya almost forgot, he was part of HUGE rock band with a guitarist that kicked a$$.
"Welcome to the jungle, won't you bring it to ya SH-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-KNEESS!!!!"

i can imitate axl rose....seth sucks(jk he's cool)
by GANJAMAN October 23, 2004
a really really good pearl jam song
by GANJAMAN October 15, 2004
you find a better system. I'm not being sarcastic. All systems have problems with them. And believe me, I hate annoying rich ass 10 year olds who cry all day cus they're Ipod's got a scratch and rich hungry business men who live on wallstreet and would send their family up the river for a nickel.
Dubya, Dubya. Moody Teenagers who drink starbucks all day say you're stupid because a Green Day song told them to. How ironic. GO TO HELL ALANIS MORRISETE
by GANJAMAN April 16, 2005
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