Not Practicing any of the 4 types of sex:
hand-to genital
regardless of your past
I'm beautiful,i'm not fat,i'm atheist but abstinence is a good choice because I do not want to get STD's and I don't want to explain to my future husband all of the people I've slept with
by MeL!sha April 22, 2006
Don't have sex before you're married.
The girl chose abstinence, and waited to have sex until she got married.
by gabbydeeee May 07, 2007
not doing something cough cough sex cough cough
abstinence will keep you from getting the nasty STDs
by xololaxo May 24, 2008
The other definitions here are actually wrong.Abstinence I the act of not doing, I.e abstaining from any choice that could be perceived as immoral. This can and often does refer to sex but can also refer to alcohol, drugs, or other things.
Matt wants to focus on his classes and will choose abstinence at the party.
by Kaon the Spirit December 12, 2013
a form of sex education that is with holding facts about sex. then tell you if you follow it you are "smart". smart people have a mind of their own and will do research and realize ABSTINENCE IS A GOVERNMENT POLICY ON SEX EDUCATION THAT HAS FAILED. dont believe me? do some research. think of this, how many pregenate porn stars do you see???
jeff- can you believe john is abstinence??

fred- not that supraising, he also believed other things without any research. like his whole, Obama is a musslim thing.

Jeff- good point. isnt that how the Nazi party was found?

Fred- it is. people not being told all the facts and believing it cuz "if you did, then your smart"

Jeff- haha. Absizs

Fred- LAWL
by godismybestfriend March 27, 2009
Most commonly known for not having sex until marriage. Also can mean not drinking till legal age (sometimes not drinking alcohol at all), not smoking and staying away from drugs
person 1- want some pot

person 2- nah thanks brah but ill stick to being a person with abstinence
by itsmeagain:) April 16, 2013
Not really something that a person chooses -- its just the best option available while you're waiting to become a sexually-viable human being.
Abstinence is dictated by circumstance, not choice. We all want to get laid, daily, when it comes down to it.
by cjwright79 August 25, 2008

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