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It's a choice god dammit. Who cares if someone is a fat churchie, an atheist, skinny or whatever. It doesn't matter. If someone chooses abstinence good for them, if not, shut the fuck up.
Shut the hell up you whiny bastards. Abstinence is a choice that you can't force people to make. And for the sake of argument, I'm still a virgin so you can't say I'm on the side of having sex either.
by Fantastic Dan September 29, 2005
Not having sexual intercourse
Abstinence HIV cannot pass through latex, you jackabillies. Check a few reputable internet sites.
by holdmydrink September 30, 2005
1. A form of STD/Pregnancy Prevention used by intelligent people. Not necessarily just for the church-ie/"fat" kind of people.
2. A fool-proof way to prevent being a slut.
1. I'm atheist, skinny, and have a boyfriend, but I practice abstinence because I'm smarter than getting pregnant when I'm 15.
2. OMG, can u lyk b leev tat Sara iz abstinent?
by akumu September 30, 2005
The single most effective way of protection against STDs. Reportedly 99.99% effective.
Remember Jesus.
Abstinence is the best form of protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
by Moonflash September 19, 2005
The best type of STD pervention. Close your legs and no diseases come in.
The AIDS virus can easily go through the latex molecules in a condom.
by GANJAMAN March 24, 2005
n. ab'-stuh-nuhns

1) The act of not indulging in a certain conduct or desire.
2) The act of remaining a virgin until marriage.
1) Marco practiced abstinence to end his addiction to cigarettes.
2) Emilia used abstinence to stay sexually pure for her future husband.
by Megan A November 28, 2006
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