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The GAP of the 2000s. Niche-marketed apparel store that appeals to teens/young 20s buyers through a well-executed marketing campaign that is more about lifestyle than the apparel. The clothes themselves are of decent quality. The style isn't for everyone. Many people, not just emo teens, dislike the line for its reliance on obvious logos and the faux-vintage aesthetic. Prices are similar to more established lines such as Lauren Ralph Lauren or Ann Taylor / Ann Taylor Loft for women, Polo, and Calvin Klein, DKNY, etc. Abercrombie differentiates itself by going for the youth demographic. Although attractive for casual wear, if the wearer ascribes to the brand aesthetic, the clothes really don't work in professional settings so most buyers leave them behind in favor of the "Grown-up" brands by their mid-20s. As with any designer label, dressing head to toe in the same brand speaks of a trendwhore mindset.
"I don't pass over guys just for wearing Abercrombie. It just makes it easier to sort out the ones who haven't grown up -- they have a moose on every shirt."

"Can a girl in AT skirts and kitten heels find happiness with an Abercrombie boy? Probably not unless he's willing to move beyond his college days."

"I can't date an Abercrombie boy. I refuse to date a guy whose jeans cost more than mine."
by prepstergirl April 23, 2006

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