1.) Tall, notoriously strong, grumpy individual in a position overseeing the grunt work and maintenance work at an institution. think giant grumpy oger who can fix things by getting pissed and hitting them (like the fonz). he is the one in your office/job that has worked like 20 other jobs, and who has seen every problem before, and has an "I'm over it" attitude to any new problems because they're boring. every job has one.

2.) a vital, resentful, grumpy, dirty, element which keeps an entire operation running with pure will and grunt. remove this rusty iron pin it and it is likely the whole shiny brass machine will fly apart or explode.
"who is the Abe around here?"

person 1: "something (anything) is broken"
person 2: "call the abe"


"Who is going to become the new abe around here? "


"our shop just lost its abe"
by thehandsomeone November 28, 2010
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A big erection
Ohhh that chick gave me Abe
by joefish June 28, 2004
A nickname used by women to describe a sexy or abnormally good looking man
Hey, look at the ABe over there
by blueintheveins August 08, 2007
Someone that is freeking crazy and or amazing
Dude that guys so Abe.
by TheJuke November 10, 2005
Five Dollar bill.

reffering to the fact that abe lincoln is on the five dollar bill
Guy 1: Yo man i need some ends, lemme get bum

Guy 2: how much

Guy 1: an Abe
by Devil Monkey September 18, 2008
A new-age name for God. Like, even more new-age than "Jesus."
Atheist: Abe doesn't exist.
Abe: Yes I do.
Atheist: Oh. Oh... Wow...

Devout follower: WWAD? What Would Abe Do?
by GodlyAbe May 10, 2005
Who any true Scotsman supports at a major football tournament, Anyone But England.
C'mon ABE, let's beat these arrogant febs.
by Rory the Sheep October 10, 2009
All Black Everything: The coordination of appearel in ALL black. A nature of swagger.Representation of style and sophistacation par to none. Dressing like a shadow and making it fashionable. A calm expression of demeanor.
by A.llB.lackE.verything January 05, 2010
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