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3 definitions by habamttons

literally, "seize the cheese". Used to embrace cheesy moments and phrases.
guy : I can be your hero, baby, you can take my breath away.
girl : awww, carpe cheese!
by habamttons January 27, 2007
used to describe a sarcastic remark; used to notify your remark as not to be taken seriously.
Oh boy do I love meatloaf... ABE!!!

girl 1: hey, do you want to go to breakfast looking grungy?
girl 2: thats sounds super!
girl 1 and 2: ABE!!!!!
by habamttons January 27, 2007
shortened version of Hodgenville, birthplace of the late Abraham Lincoln. Used to transition to a different subject in conversation.
chico: do you want to be my girlfriend?
chica: hmm hodge, please?
by habamttons January 27, 2007