An acronym meaning "Anti-Anime Person". It is pronounced like ape to make it derogatory. An aap are people who hate anime and anything related to anime, some aaps troll anime forums to start flame wars and some may even attack fans. Aaps can range from someone who likes anime just not anime fans to extremists who believe anime is destroying society.
"A troop of aaps caught me reading a manga at school and started giving me a hard time."

"Some aap spammed my anime forum now its all clogged."
by Vandread68 December 03, 2007
1.abbreviation for aisian ass porn
2. usaully consists of titles like "hot thai titti fucking" or "chinese slut gets laid at sushi restraunt"
3.A word of the rockstarnease dictionary
dude, why do u watch that AAP crap its freakin retarded
by tyjofi14 May 05, 2008
South West Philadelpia Gang made by my nigga Reed Dollaz. Stands For Addressin All Problems. A Fake A.A.P, is in Washington Township, New Jersey. Basically, a bunch of wiggers.
Nigga we A.A.P...Addressin All Problems
by Unknown Nigga SWP September 28, 2006
All About Paper. Means all you care about is getttin that paper son!
A.A.P. nigga! get down or lay down!!
by Poppadoosh March 17, 2007
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