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1.abbreviation for aisian ass porn
2. usaully consists of titles like "hot thai titti fucking" or "chinese slut gets laid at sushi restraunt"
3.A word of the rockstarnease dictionary
dude, why do u watch that AAP crap its freakin retarded
by tyjofi14 May 05, 2008
abbreviation for mother fuckin cock suckin son of a mother fuckin bitch

generally used by people who swear to much bcaz they dont pay attention in english so they dont know any other words
(in a text message) omfg u mfcssoamfb
by tyjofi14 May 06, 2008
the language of the rockstars.
1: gee, i dont know what to say to that girl whos vagina is showin
2: just use rockstarnease tell her that dat pussy on the loose
by tyjofi14 May 04, 2008
1.pronounced elef alant
2.A word of the rockstarnease language developed by tyjofi14 and c.childers58
3.the way a rockstar says elephant
i went to the zoo and saw an elefelant
by tyjofi14 May 05, 2008
the way a rockstar says internet
see rockstarnease and rockstar
Your such a queer you are always on the interniette.
by tyjofi14 May 06, 2008
The way a rockstar 0wns
A word of the rockstarnease dictionary
That rockstar doesnt own, he powns.
by tyjofi14 May 16, 2008

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