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When a man pulls out during sex and ejaculates his initial onto the woman (or mans) stomach, or back.
tool 1: "Man I completely Zorroed that bitch last night"
tool 2: "Dude that's awesome!"
tool 1: "Yeah, it sorta was all dribbly at the end though."
by tooltastic February 20, 2010
To be struck by Zorro!11! You know, have a Z drawn on something that belongs to you. o_o Orsomethinglikethatcough.
Arielle got zorro'ed. :'(
by Arielle! :) May 09, 2004
To be zorroed is the act of being stabed or sliced, defined after the hero zerro and his trade mark method of dishing out justice
Mark got zorroed like a failed urban hero
by Stickler August 02, 2006