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A masked man of the people. Famous for being a mexican aristocrat who fought corruption on the side.
He was portrayed very expertly by Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins in the movie "The Mask of Zorro"
Often pictured with a beuatiful lady and his horse, Diablo.
French Soldier- "We have come to collect the unfair taxes from the starving mexican people."

Zorro-" Hiya, Diablo!" (proceeds to attack the soldiers and free his countrymen from their life of slavery.)
by winona July 30, 2005
A term used to descibe when canadians go crazy like a moose during springtime and have sex with anything in sight. Also know as mating-season sex.
Man- "Sheila was wild last night!"

Man 2- "Was it Moose Sex?"

Man- "Hell Yeah!"
by winona July 22, 2005
The specific color of red nail polish that is used in countless old movies and commercials for it's sheer mass appeal. Women then go out and try to imitate the looks and mannerisms of these silver screen stars, right down to their flawless red polish. It is now for sale by the company OPI in their spring collection.
Woman 1 - "That (I'm Not Really A Waitress) nail polish is soooooo gorgeous, i like have to get some so i can look just like Raquel Welch!"

Woman 2 - "You couldn't look like Raquel Welch even if you got liposuction and 100 facelifts."
by winona September 04, 2005
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