an officer in the military, usually of junior rank, and not very experienced or valuable.
I walked past a group of zeroes on base today and forgot to salute.
by danw December 22, 2003
"Not at all", almost to the point of the suggestion being laughable. Used to express extreme disagreement with a statement, or an emphatic negative in response to a question. Equivalent to a low-voltage in digital logic, which generally represents an assertion of a false statement. First used by Eric Schmidt.

Usually uttered through a laugh.
Me: Hey, you guys enjoying that last thermodynamics assignment?
Them: ZEE-RO!

Mom: What do you say to liver for dinner?
Kid: Zero, mom. Zero.
by Nacho Dan August 07, 2004
Web parody of "Heroes," featuring the discovery of "mutants" who have acquired special (albeit worthless) special abilities that enable them to do nothing more than make fools of themselves.
The Mumbler, the Kick-Back-of-Head Guy, the Man-of-Many-Hats, Cindy the Fist-in-Mouth Cheerleader, the Man Whose Stick-Figure Drawings Predict Useless Information About the Future, and the Pinto-Bean-from-the-Eye Man are all talented in pointless ways; making them...Zeroes!
by ObscuredOne February 23, 2008
Dave Croteau's even more bad ass and slightly insane alter ego. zero will h4x0r t3h w0r7d.
Zero you're such a dumbass
doo i so already know that
see dave croteau
by wankmasta October 30, 2004
n. A dumbfuck, knownothing, dimbulb, nitwit.
What a zero...he's got a room temperature IQ.
by Harry Flashman July 02, 2003
The coolest guy ever, the best a QUAKE II and ANY GAME.
Zero is James Barbee, he is kewl
by Zero May 03, 2003
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