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The term is imitation of the sound of someone crying or sobbing. It is often seen written, like in cartoon speech balloons. Less often, a person may say it aloud in an affected way to convey sadness or disappointment. Can be used sarcastically.
"Boo hoo," cried the little girl after she fell off her bike.

- OR -

"Boo hoo!" mocked the others, "Don't be such a crybaby."
by oskiwee December 05, 2004
crying, whining and complaining
She said boohoo cause she broke a nail.
by Abrana S Watson September 15, 2006
A tragic occurence or bad news.
Terrorist attacks are serious boo-hoos for Bush, not to mention all the resulting casualties.
by BK Artivism August 02, 2005
Past girl
She usez to be my boo. Now she'z my Boo Hoo
by Schism420 August 12, 2008
to swiftly/perfusely hump.
please boo hoo my ass tonight.
by this is not steve August 29, 2005

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