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An insult for person who is a worthless and pathetic
"Your nothing but a Zero"
"I'm a Zero"
by BLCKFLAME July 09, 2009
no, no way, to have nothing of something or another
"does that helmet fit"...."naaah, zero"
by Brumingham January 28, 2008
A useless, unsuccessful, idiotic person. These people are increasing in the population every day.
Man that guy is such a fucking zero.
by Broken_the_Chains July 31, 2006
To find or uncover a specific thing.
"I had a bitch of a time getting your sister off until I was able to zero in on the little man in the boat."
by Occam February 08, 2005
used to describe something that earns a score of zero out of one hundred - a solid F

also used as a synonym for "false"
the powerpoint transitions in his slides are a solid zero
by Warren J. Baker June 01, 2002
A butthole, literally. Where poop comes from.
The cat tried to put its dirty zero in my brother's face.
by philterx February 20, 2010
The chance of Hilary CLinton winning and the number of people who support.
Sexist 1: Did you hear that Hilary CLinton won presidency?

Sexist 2: Hell no!

Sexist 3: Dude, don't even joke.

Sexist 4: Yeah, she had zero chance to began with.
by Andrew Tayla February 25, 2008