1. A number, one whole number less than one, reresents none, not nothing. Represented by 0.

2. A skater clothing/skateboard deck company. Very popular.

3. The guy off megaman x.
I have zero sticks in my hand, that doesn't mean i have nothing in my hand.

I just got a zero deck and a shirt!

I don't know how zero doesn't come across as gay with that ponytail, but he pulls it off well.
by branqon April 23, 2006
The song that single handedly pushed the band Smashing Pumpkins, The into stardom
Damn, did you hear that song Zero?

Yea, I it's so good I fap to it
by Zero August 02, 2003
The chance of Hilary CLinton winning and the number of people who support.
Sexist 1: Did you hear that Hilary CLinton won presidency?

Sexist 2: Hell no!

Sexist 3: Dude, don't even joke.

Sexist 4: Yeah, she had zero chance to began with.
by Andrew Tayla February 25, 2008
A useless, unsuccessful, idiotic person. These people are increasing in the population every day.
Man that guy is such a fucking zero.
by Broken_the_Chains July 31, 2006
A ZERO is someone of absolutely no distinction or worth whatsoever.A completely useless fuck.
You are a complete ZERO,void,a nobody.
by mugwump November 16, 2004
used to describe something that earns a score of zero out of one hundred - a solid F

also used as a synonym for "false"
the powerpoint transitions in his slides are a solid zero
by Warren J. Baker June 01, 2002
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