the numbers from 0 to 9, esp. the first decade of a century or of a person's life. (i.e. the years 2000 through 2009.)
Rap music was good in the early zeroes, but had deteriorated by the end of the decade.
by OsirusR July 14, 2009
Dubbed a "symbol of the devil" by the Church—the idea of nothing was blasphemous for its doctrine—zero was the last number to gain citizenship (after 1, 2, …, 9) in the number system.
Zero has come a long way from its initial rejection and persecution to become the "most important" of all numbers today to attain its "Numbers Hero" status.
by MathPlus June 20, 2016
Crimson hunter of the Megaman X series. Over-hyped. Yet powerful. Wields energy sword and long yellow mane. Often works alongside Megaman X. Also known to have killed millions in his past.
"Zero, the ultimate warrior"
by Nicolo March 31, 2003
adv: a negative response, refusal, to turn down someone's suggestion, "no"
"Hey Mike! Want to go to the mall this afternoon?"
by Tony & Mike October 16, 2006
An anime character from Vampire Knight (first released in 2008) based off of the manga (first published in 2005).
Person #1: "Who is that?"
Person #2: "Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight."
by coolpigeon July 28, 2014
A man one usually does his best to avoid crossing. Closely related to another one of his kind, The Infamous Franky.
"You fucked with Zero? We're going to die man!"
by Dogs Of War January 18, 2013
The mathematical representation a.k.a 0 is rendered as signature for my name, and the sign for nothing in mathemaical terms. Invented by the Arabs and the fundamental 'first digit' of the prevailing mathematical system we use today (but not the lowest value). It is characteristic by being an irrationally acting number compared to all others and is the only number which when added to itself does not change value.
0, nothing, zero, Is there really much else to say?
by the person who shall not be named September 09, 2007
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