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An under apreciated RPG that deserves more respect. It's visuals are nearly perfect. The cinemas, though long, are interesting and also unapreciated. Gameplay is satisfying to those who are patient. Many may not agree with this definition, but fuck them, they should give it a better chance, it deserves it.
"Xenosaga equals the expertise of the Final Fantasy series."
by Nicolo March 31, 2003
Synonym for yes, yeah, etc.
"Wanna go to the movies?"
by Nicolo March 31, 2003
Holyness, Piousness, Goody-goodyness.
"The priest has Divinity"
by Nicolo March 31, 2003
Crimson hunter of the Megaman X series. Over-hyped. Yet powerful. Wields energy sword and long yellow mane. Often works alongside Megaman X. Also known to have killed millions in his past.
"Zero, the ultimate warrior"
by Nicolo March 31, 2003
A place where reluctant children and teens go to learn and do classwork. Often it is a target of insult being called "Hell" "Prison" etc. Of course many of these people don't understand what they have and are too ignorant to see that if they were in differant circumstances they would wish for an education instead of a life of dull physical work. Sure school could be related to that dull physical work but of course it does open oppurtunities to get of it. You just have to get through 12 years.
"At home my parents are strict. They don't let me have a life because they think I'm gonna go and get into trouble, like drugs and other stuff. They don't even know that I'm not that stupid. I like school not because of the stupid work and teachers, but because it's the only place where I can see my friends. Overprotective parents suck."
by Nicolo March 31, 2003
hen you put your balls and dick between your legs

Seen from the front it looks like mangina

Seen from back it looks like a basket of fruit
Who gave Dick Cheney a gun? Ooh No George Buch pertect you basket of fruit!


Say bye bye to Bush's man hood
by Nicolo April 20, 2006

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