an officer in the military, usually of junior rank, and not very experienced or valuable.
I walked past a group of zeroes on base today and forgot to salute.
by danw December 22, 2003
To find or uncover a specific thing.
"I had a bitch of a time getting your sister off until I was able to zero in on the little man in the boat."
by Occam February 08, 2005
0 is both the largest and the smallest number.It represents the entire number system.It is everything and nothing.Nothing is infinite,therefor
infinite is nothing.0 is infinite.
It can help us understand things outside our own universe.............
by Eminem January 03, 2004
Zero is a shorthand way of speaking with Zeromus Hunter, of MHX. Zero is an incredibly polite, and correct, person. I wish to have sex with him, so hard..
I love ya, Zero.
by Bizzaro Hunter June 14, 2003
A hoe or a girl everyone can mess with.
A guy says to his boy, "That girl ain't special to me she just a zero"
by TeeTee July 08, 2005
1. being a Maverick Hunter
2. hunting down yourworstmemory
3. Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars are #1
4. Hates geek people
5. kicking yourworstmemory's butt in paintball
6. Handsome guy
What zero is he and why is he here?
by Brian Rosado March 12, 2005
A butthole, literally. Where poop comes from.
The cat tried to put its dirty zero in my brother's face.
by philterx February 20, 2010
The number of REAL (Not Hollywood)American servicemen who actually escaped from an axis prisoner of war camp during WW2 (1939-1945) Not 1942-1945.
William "never happened" Holden in Bridge over the River Quai.
by Doc Johnson December 27, 2003
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