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A sexual act where one blows his load into a girl's mouth, then jams cut up lemons into her mouth so she makes a scrunched up sour face, looking like Rene Zellweger.
You should have seen this girl after I gave her a Zellweger last night. Thankfully I remembered to bring my lemons with me.

by Ron- April 06, 2008
(v.): to completely change one's appearance in a short period of time while denying having had plastic surgery


(n.): someone who is mistaken for you but who looks nothing like you; extremely awkward doppelgänger
"dude she totally zellwegered since last week!"

"whoa thought that was Fred, but I just waved at his zellweger!"
by schticktionary October 22, 2014
A Zellweger is a unit of time, defined as the average length of a Rene Zellweger marriage. This is approximately 3-6 weeks, but varies widely based on her recent exploits.
Wow, I can't wait for this semester to be over! There's only about a Zellweger left until break.
by Wrathskellar August 30, 2009
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