In New Zealand if you call a guy Zac, he is a compulsive cock smoker, an active and practiced Homosexual.
Don't go into the Toilet, Zac is in there and he is trying to give out handies.
by You know 'em. February 13, 2015
Amazing guy to be around great friend/companion loves aniamals and nature Is very out going and senstive one of the best personalitys a guy could ever have loves to act ,listen to music , tell jokes, hang with friends , and most of all party
Person one:Your dating a zac your so lucky

Person two: I know he is amazing in every way

Person one: I wish i had a zac but i have a james
by perrylover22 August 01, 2011
Slang for a gay guy, usually Jewish, who is a musical theater groupie.
She's not actually dating that Zac for obvious reasons...
by dj mbm July 10, 2008
The bestest friend anybody could possibly have ! Maybe sex in a jaar, maybe not, i dont want to find out but i think he is a reaally good mate to have and he is going to kill me when he reads this ! :'L
Zac bummder ! ...
by Poooooopjrfnb2ernv2 August 29, 2011
Incident of embarrassment and subsequent media or associate attention, frequently carried out by Sporting Celebrities typically intoxicated and more often not sportspeople that aren't performing to their potential in their field of choice.
The national representative rugby player should have realised that entering the bar naked, drunk and bloodied, then striking another patron and dancing on stage would have been identified as a clear Zac by the media.
by herbo November 23, 2011
enjoys gaming, xbox or ps3. Doesn't go out much but has alot of friends. Often are homosexuals.
girl 1: Is that zac!?
girl 2: I think, he's quite good looking!
girl 1: yeah, but i think he's gay.
girl 2: oh............Awkward
by bloberrrrit July 17, 2011
The asshole version of Zac. Somehow the loss of the K in his name caused mental retardation, almost like a missing chromosome.

Is the type to wave his limp dick around because he is a fag who can't get it up. Also inclined to get drunk quite frequently and will act like a controlling asshole when drunk.
Will take it too far when trying to get a girl, because it has been so long since he's gotten any. Often will invade space by groping women that are most definitely not interested and taken.
Also beware, you may want to actually like a Zac. They will draw you in thinking that they are a decent guy. Until the millionth time they eat all of your food or break promises and talk shit.
Geez, is that guy a Zac? He just let himself into our house and stared eating our peanut butter out of the jar.
by pissedatyou July 24, 2011

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