The asshole version of Zac. Somehow the loss of the K in his name caused mental retardation, almost like a missing chromosome.

Is the type to wave his limp dick around because he is a fag who can't get it up. Also inclined to get drunk quite frequently and will act like a controlling asshole when drunk.
Will take it too far when trying to get a girl, because it has been so long since he's gotten any. Often will invade space by groping women that are most definitely not interested and taken.
Also beware, you may want to actually like a Zac. They will draw you in thinking that they are a decent guy. Until the millionth time they eat all of your food or break promises and talk shit.
Geez, is that guy a Zac? He just let himself into our house and stared eating our peanut butter out of the jar.
by pissedatyou July 24, 2011
An extremely HOT heartbreaker who will only leave you alone wanting to die. NEVER trust a Zac. Because no one will suspect it coming.
Wow... I can't believe it. I actually thought Zac loved me... Boy, I was wrong.
by The Girl He Let Down May 15, 2011
The Zone Address Code, or ZAC, is a clarifier for a particular suffix of a street name in a given address.
Street, Drive, Boulevard, Avenue, Circle...

"You said you live on 12th. But what's the ZAC?"
by Marc Zachary Handler April 12, 2006
Usually gay, smart in school, but stupid on the streets, friends with the most amazing people. As for looks, blue eyes and brown hair. But small penis.
"damn, if it weren't for Zac's amazing friends, i think i'd beat him up."
by adskf January 01, 2010
a fat man that spends spare time taking pictures of buses and hanging out with gay men.
Guy 1 : Hey, see that fat guy taking pictures of buses with gay men?

Guy 2 : Yeah?

Guy 1 : He must be a Zac.

Guy 2 : You are totally right.
by qwertyman37 March 09, 2009
greedy, dirty, loves gold. often jewish (or half jewish. still counts)
he wouldnt pay for my ice cream, he's such a zac!
by nobuhdy September 28, 2007
A retarded ass, dumbfuck who thanx he is the shit, with a jew nose and greasy mushroom cut. He thanks he can go back to any girl and cares more about snowboarding then ANY of them. He has the worst ass lines and cant even cum up with any NEW ones. He is secretly in love with his best friend and they ass hump when they go up to his cabin. He ignores people once he thanks he has them even though they wont stick around forever. He is the most uncomfertable person to be around and ui thank he acctually thanks that people care about what he is saying when all he talks about is how he hurts himself so much. AND nobidy cares about all his sports. Its not like hes any good at them. so he should go fuck himself :)
OMG did you see zac?
Yeah he is SO ugly!
Yes he is! Did you see him making out with kyle?
Yeah there going out now he finally came out of the closet!
by I.Hate.You March 26, 2009

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