a sexy beast that is so good looking and FLIRTY
he is legit sexy he looks like a god

btw he is hot
if he flirts with you.......be grateful
'omg i just hooked up with that guy! he was such a good kisser and so gorgeous"
by we'regoingatittonight October 01, 2011
an amazingly sweet guy who you will fall in love with. A guy that you cannot leave behind because of his good looks and outstanding personality.
have you seen zac? yeah hes pretty bangin!
by hgfj November 14, 2011
A super hot Football loving guy. Very shy with girls and does nothing but play sports and hang out with his friends. Disgustingly smart. loyal friend, can keep your secrets, tall and has a fohawk, gorgeous eyes, very muscular. A real gentleman. Has a sick sense of humor but hides it. All around wonderful guy. you won't regret knowing a zac!
Girl 1: Who's that super hot guy over there?
Girl 2: That's zac
Girl 1: Wow!
Girl 2: He's a straight A student, a football player, and a real gentleman.
Girl 1: I wanna date him!
by dEmEtReLoVeR October 16, 2010
A completely awesome dude who is amazingly talented in the arts of sexual intercourse, he is also one of the smartest and most athletic people ever
Frank: dude did u hear about that hot chick that zac fucked last night.

Tad: yea I heard he did it while running and taking a test
by super awesome suace February 07, 2011
The most amazing guy ever, who always makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world and never loses sight of why he fell in love with you. He's extremely funny, sweet and super handsome. He is an incredible kisser and his hugs are magical. He is not only your boyfriend, but your best friend. He is the guy you want to wake up next to every morning; the guy you want to spend your life with and the best boyfriend ever.
My boyfriend Zac is the best boyfriend ever and everyday I fall in love all over again.
by vllybll11 November 25, 2011
A very cute guy! He's very intelligent but he likes to have fun and go out as well. He usually has light colored eyes and a sexy smile with a great body to go with it! He's very caring about the people he loves. His girl friend will be very much faithful because Zac is too. He never gives up on anything! February 18th is a special day for him as well!
Girl Friend: To Infinity and Beyond?

Zac: Forever and ever babe..
by vnssmrtnz June 13, 2011
the most amazinist person in the whole wide world, and i love him with all my heart, hes the most carinist person in the world, and he never lets you down .

i love you baby. <3
zac is my baby <3
by erinbaby22 January 08, 2010

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