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The name probably comes from the word "faux," which means fake in French. A fake mohawk - sides are not shaved. The fohawk appears like a mohawk when it is spiked with hair gel, but because the hair on the side of your head is longer, a person can wear it down as well.

David Beckham had a fohawk.
Fohawks are cheezy, just look at the mohawk in the 80's.
by Hung Far Lo April 04, 2003
friendly way of saying fuck,
also works to clear your throat if it has phlegm.
hey fohawk you bitch!

by 1AB ReKoJ February 05, 2009
A awsome haircut worn by the Englands national team captain, David Becham, short hair on either sides of your head then longer in the middle that does not have to be spiked up or anything. It's sweet.
Bechams fohawk is awsome!
by Will August 04, 2003
How retards spell "fauxhawk", or a full head of hair combed into the middle to fabricate the look of a mohawk.
lulz look at my scene fohawk!! Hur hur.

I'm sophisticated, and I have a sexy fauxhawk. Did you know that "faux" means "false" in French? It makes sense, because this totally isn't a real mohawk.
by erectile_dysfunction April 05, 2009
The word fohawk means fashionable mohawk. It began in Europe/UK as most modern fashion ideas do and now comes in many different styles. It is very commomn now on runway models, especially females.
David Beckham in the 98 World Cup.
by DieselSlut February 12, 2005
Kind of like a Moahwk but the people arent brave enough to shave the sides on their heads. Sure it looks cool...But its better with the sides of your head shaved
ex.1) Its not right for a wigger to have a Fohawk.
ex.2) The dude chickened out when he tried to get a mohawk so he just got a fohawk
ex.3)Person 1: my head looks like a penis when its i just wont get a mohawk (sobs)
Person 2: NO!! I have an idea! Get a FOHAWK!!!
by Alyssa April 28, 2004
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