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A Buffalo NY based abbreviation of the phrase "you guys".

The phrase is generally accepted to have started as a rebellion against the term yinz, as it didn't make logical sense to the Pittsburgh neighbors.
What are yuys doing tonight?

Yuys hear that they cut Moorman?
by Chases's's October 15, 2012
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"A sexy way of saying, "Yay". Or When Yay and Yup are Combined.
Girl: "Take off your clothes, we're having sex."

Boy: "Yuy!"
by Lulzbuttsax September 24, 2011
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1.That asian kid that was so coo. Had a gay sister named susan tat was always on myspace.
2.The guy that lobed to no scope and pwnz.
someone: Hi YUY!

Yuy: Hi gay!!!! my sister is gay

by Yuy July 10, 2008
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