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Powerful woman with the tender heart of a child. Though she is strong she does not trust it, and she would rather chart a path herself than ask for directions. She may have a hidden fantasy world which she does not share, but with a treasured few. A juxtaposition of strength and discomfort, she moves quickly and enjoys the world...but on Saturday, she sleeps.
May not understand how to negotiate a tax form, but Alysson fearlessly rides and trains horses 17hh at the shoulder. She sometimes cannot see her charisma. Occasionally Alysson watches the world rather than attack it, but will do so when she understands the 'rules' of a situation.
by Who Knows Her Well February 05, 2010
Someone who is amazing & adorable in every single kind of way!
OMG Alysson is so AMAZING!!
by AllyLover4ev February 04, 2010

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