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A two player game or more

Whenever a player sees an especially obese, hairy, or otherwise grody person, he yells out "YOUR TEAM!" to his buddy, and that person is placed on the respective players imaginary "team".

The goal is to put as many nasty looking people on your buddies team as you can.
"Ewww, did you see Rosie O'Donnell on the Food Network last night?" -- "Yeah, I did. Rosie O'Donnell is on YOUR TEAM!"

"That 400 pound prostitute in the leopard print mini skirt is on your team!"
by KAPELACCC November 04, 2007
A game where you put freaks on your friends' "teams." (Freaks meaning people who look weird or are doing something weird.) You can't use people you know or famous people and you have to see them in real life (not on TV). Some day, all the teams will participate in an Olympic-like competition.
"Rattail in the running shorts, your team."

"... Sweet"
by Pao July 12, 2008
The greatest game played on Earth. When you see someone that makes you laugh whether it's their clothing, hair style, the way they walk, what they drive, their family, etc.. just say Your Team to your friend. It's rude but hilarious. There really aren't any rules..
"Wow, guy with mullet rocking the hawaiian shirt? Your team.."
"Did you become a fan of "Your Team" on facebook yet?.. No? Well Dude.. you are on your own team then"
by YourTeamAdmin March 03, 2010
It's the end of the world and you and your friends are opponents. Only one of you can survive. You have to pick teams for your survival. The only problem is you can only put people on your opponents team. Basically, you pick the worst people you could possibly find and put them on your opponents team.
Guy with the velvet pants, no shirt, and a cowboy hat... Your Team.
by yourteammaster June 27, 2011
When you see someone who is a "character" and you "place" him/her on someone's(friends) "team." Usually ugly and/or reaallyyyy weird looking people qualify for team placing. This is like in P.E. when you're picking teams and you see some really weird and/or ugly kid and you don't want them on your team so you yell your team! The idea of the game is to put the most and WORST people on your friends' teams. It NEVER ends. It's mean, but insanely fun.
You see a guy walking down the street wearing socks and sandals, short shorts, really white legs, etc.

You yell "Your Team!" to your friend.
by KY HOLE August 05, 2008
Your Team is a game played by two or more people, normally in a group of friends. The point of the game is to find the following: Old people, Ugly people, Handicapped people, Stupid people, Fat people etc.... All things bad.

The way to play You Team: See one of these undesirables "Your Teamers" and point them out to another person you are playing with. Just say "Your Team" and then they are added to that person's team. The point of adding old and crippled people to the other person's team is strategy for the coming war. (more on that soon.)

Each person playing is considered a General of their own army. Each time a You Teamer is added to that person's army they are essentially getting a useless solder. Like having an army of only foot solders fighting against a wave of jet fighters if that makes sense.

At the end of time there will be a war between all the Generals and their respective team members will fight each other. That's why it's important not to put well off people on each other person's team. The winner will be those that have smart strong and young team members and the loses will be those with an army full of You Teamers.
Hey man look at the ugly fat bitch over there. She's on Your Team.
by You're on my team November 20, 2010
a game in which you see an ugly
person and tell your friend that
they are on their team. -really
no winner or loser, it just makes
you look like a complete ass!
"What a cow...YOUR TEAM!"
"Awe man..."
by bee-wiz April 17, 2008
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