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Lies, fairytales, bullshit.
Person A: I believe in creationism.
Person B: You are a retard.
by Pao August 31, 2007
A game where you put freaks on your friends' "teams." (Freaks meaning people who look weird or are doing something weird.) You can't use people you know or famous people and you have to see them in real life (not on TV). Some day, all the teams will participate in an Olympic-like competition.
"Rattail in the running shorts, your team."

"... Sweet"
by Pao July 12, 2008
A jabbing motion with the hand, similar to that "you're fired" thing Trump does on his show, but way more bad ass and sexy. Often performed repeatedly with alternating hands when the "striker" is really excited about something. Perfected by Megan.
At the Harry Potter premier, Megan was doing that viper hand strike like mad! She was goin' crazy because HP is the shit, man!
by Pao January 25, 2007

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