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a website that offers hours of pathetic entertainment with a click of a button
i like you tube
me too
by salr October 16, 2006
119 44
The place that will give your old, poor grandma a heart-attack after reading the comments.
"Lets see what they said about my video..."

this is the least funniest of all...

| Grammar fail

y the fuk is this guy so famouos anyone can do this

i never listem a song lik this shit

did he die?

actually i write better songs all the time and who would want to sing like that??

163 millions fot this shit?

Please get off the internets forever all who support this video... Let the hate mail start comin to me... Come on people prove my point that only stupid people will stick up for this video

people with the name Olliver are gay.

also: i like cock up my ass and i love eating goldfish.
ps: u r gay

epic fail

fake and gay

this is shit

im srry but, this vid is suckish i mean it tottally sukz ballz

These were all real comments from YouTube
by who did you think it was February 25, 2010
80 6
Betcha can't watch just one!
I watched a video of a guys car getting absolutely destroyed by ghost riding it on youtube... I thought I was done until I saw related videos.
by sebastiancee March 18, 2008
66 9
A video website where you can go to laugh at people make complete asses of themselves.
OMG WTF this guy just licked a frozen pole! He's such a moron! Hahaha! I love YouTube
by YouTube April 15, 2007
71 15
The most popular video-hosting site. Millions of users upload their videos on virtually any subject out there (although nudity is not allowed).

Each video can be rated and commented on, which is not a good idea at all. Most of the comments in almost ANY video consists of 12-year old kids with no spelling or grammar skills; 30+ year old pseudo-intellectuals who try to tell everyone else how they're right and the others are wrong; racists; or people who just like to pick fights for no reason. If for whatever reason you feel like losing a few brain cells and want to look at the comments, be prepared to see a lot of "noob", "faggot", "gay", "Republican/Democrat", or "nigger" being used.

Aside from the comments, Youtube used to be a decent place, until the following started happening:

1. WMG started deleting music videos and muting videos with ANY piece of audio by any of the music artists under their labels
2. Viacom sued Google, which Youtube is owned by, having them delete many videos of TV shows
3. The majority of the user base became 14-year old tween girls obsessed with Twilight and the Jonas Brothers
4. Fred became the most popular user. Seriously, that alone is reason to avoid this place like the black plague.

Now, there is almost nothing left worth watching on Youtube, except for maybe some Failblog videos, Youtube Poops, or music videos of bands NOT owned by WMG. And even these can be ruined just by looking at the comments. It can be the most non-provoking, non-violent, socially-acceptable video ever, and you'll still see someone flaming the holy hell out of someone, whether it be the author, or another commenter.
"Hmm... I want to go on Youtube. What's new?"

*sees lots of Twilight and Jonas Brothers videos*

"Whoa, not cool. Ok... I'll see the POPULAR videos!"

*sees whole lot of Fred and High School Musical videos*

"Uhh... ok... lemme just do a search for a band I like"

*sees a video, clicks it, finds out it was deleted by WMG*

"Aw fuck! ... well it's ok... I'll just search for some funny stuff now... maybe someone slipping off a diving board?"

*finds video, reads comments*

"Geez... can I find some peace ANYwhere?? Ah, I know!! I'll look at a video of a cute puppy! Surely no one will have anything bad to say there!"

*finds video, reads comments*

"WHAT??? He said he wants to kick the shit out of that dog??? How dare he?!? And then he called the author a faggot?!? That's it... I'm DONE with Youtube!! DONE!!!"
by Absolutely No One April 11, 2009
48 2
...Is replacing television.
1. Many popular TV shows are being downloaded to youtube so they are able to be viewed more frequently.
2. Online series such as smosh and WHATTHEBUCKSHOW.
by ms. randompants March 22, 2008
61 15
A popular video site where people upload videos of music, pets, cartoons, special events, video games and much more.

Unfortunately, it cracks down on copyright often and most innocent accounts that only upload Japanese Vocaloid music or Nintendo games get wrongly suspended.

I just wish those accounts were back with all the videos they uploaded.

Rate up if you agree and let's do something to stop the unfairness.
Copyright is the reason why most innocent Youtube accounts get suspended. I lost good Wario Ware Gameplay and sweet Vocaloid music by Miku Hatsune because of it.

You can't copyright people's gameplay and all that other stuff. Videos are supposed to be used for entertainment.
by Unfairness Must Die August 23, 2010
47 6