A place for retards to fight over painfully unimportant subjects.
A: This isn't "genre"core! It's "genre2"core!
B: Nah it's def "genre3"core with "genre5"core influences.
C: You deaf? It's "genre6"core, learn your genres!
And so on.
Long live youtube and its legacy of cretins.
by GeneralOwn3d March 31, 2011
What Senator Max Baucus calls a video camera.
At a conference, Baucus noted some teenagers "with YouTubes" and posited they were paid protesters from out of state.
by Moggraider August 19, 2009
An addictive site for videos. Nowadays it's clogged up with pointless ads from vevo and mainstream music. By broadcasting videos, people have gained fame that they may or may not deserve. It's still a pretty good site though.
I think I'll go and watch some random videos on youtube.
by Don'tsayIdidn'twarnyou December 18, 2010
A place where you upload videos & post comments to upset someone & start an argument.The arguments are usually one sided.It's loaded with pathetic, uneducated losers from across the globe.It's where most people argue about how this or that band are a bunch of "posers".Or, how the members of a band are "fagnuts" or "pussies".A place where whimps respond to someone who likes a band & says kill yourself.
Youtube user 1:All That Remains are posers.
Youtube user 2: o yeah well STFU Id like to c u do better then them

Example 2:

Youtube user 3:This cover song is better den da original
Youtube user 4:kill oyurself

Example 3:
Youtube user 5:Neil Young sucks he has a old whiney voice only a douche would choose that fagnut then Type O Fuckin Negative.
Youtube user 6: Neil Young is in the Rock and Roll hall of fame and made original music unlike Type O Negative.
by Shitallica April 11, 2010
A once great website that is dying. A place where you can share your videos and comment on others, it used to be good until it got filled with annoying ads,vevo, copyright and stupid comments that make lame jokes about the dislike bar on a certain video somehow being related to justin biebers penis, these comments mostly end with what is quite possible the most annoying thing ever to be written on a website: thumbs up if you agree. Many comments contain spam such as: the whole Movie can be found on my channel check it out!
Example of lame comment: justin bieber is gay, thumbs up if you agree! xD

Example 2
Man 1: hey did you see that new 50cent music video on YouTube?
Man 2: nah,didnt bother, it was on a vevo page.
by Noclue123 July 13, 2011
YouTube is a video sharing website.

It used to be the best website out but lately it has gone downhill.

Most of YouTube's comments are spam, racism, stupid, offensive, internet memes, scams or viruses. (They have a link in them)

1.)YouTube: Your channel will be forced to the new design.
Meisgreat36: I don't like the design.

Someoneelse21: Me neither, change it back.
*YouTube ignore everything*

2.) Watching Eminem music video

Comment 1:eminem sucks he is 2 overrated <negative votes

Comment 2: Hi there I have no money to advertise so all I'm left with is spam.
I am a 15 year old rapper from (insert country here) and Eminem has inspired me to rap. If you could just click my name and give me a like, it'll mean the world to me.
Good day, god bless. < 20 thumbs up.

Comment 3: @hsoiti I know I can't believe Rihanna released her sex tape *spam link that is a virus* < 25 thumbs up.

Comment 4: THUMPS UP IF UR LISTENING TO THIS IN 2012!!!!!111!!1!

Comment 5: No im listening to this in 1500 bc on my istone.
3.) Found a trick video.
*white man dancing*
iamaretard32: FUK U NIGGER
PersonIntellegent45: You do know that is a derogatory term for a man with black skin don't you? He has white skin so your argument is invalid.

4.) Me watching Eminem music video, The Way I am on VEVO's channel:
I sit back with this *censored* bag of this *censored* it gives me the *censored* need to be. The moment *censored* *censored* *censored*

5.) Me watching some random video.
Suggestions "MEGAN FOX NAKED!!!!"
Legit thumbnail.....
"Hey wuts up YouTubers?? Now I'm gonna ask you'll something......"


7.) This video contains content from (company's name here) who have blocked it in your country on Copyright grounds.

Sorry about that. :/

8.) I used to listen to Justin Bieber..... then I TOOK AN ARROW TO THE KNEE!!!!!

9.) *Somespammer54 has sent you a message*
Hi I see you could use a few subscribers so visit this website and you'll earn a load of subs in a week!!!
*link to a scamming website*

10.) wuz dis recorded by a potato?
by Noslen August 11, 2012
The mythical land of hopes, dreams, dissecting vital organs online, and screaming like a pussy. Commonly known for its ability to give videos more likes and dislikes than views.
"5155 likes, and only 1100 views? How does that work?"

by HellsingDMC November 01, 2014
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