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A video hosting site. Unfortunately, it is ruined by copyright laws and little annoying flamers/trolls that are hard to get, kinda like flies, but they don't die. It is also ruined due to the fact that Google bought it; not giving options, such as the recent news, they're forcing us to switch to the new, worse beta channels.
New YouTube isn't like the old YouTube anymore.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
153 20
A nice place to watch random music videos & such like that, such as music videos, episodes of a favorite TV show, & so on and so on. But there's a few things I have to complain about, though:

1. The commenting, some of these can get WAY out of control, it's all the same: Some random troll who can't spell for shit (12-20) trying to get a rise out of people by spouting racial, sexist, homophobic, and just plain obscene crap, which then leads to the flame war.

2. Anime nerds and Narutards who think that every song in creation (including the ones that suck) sounds just right with clips from Naruto or they increase the "popularity" of the dreaded Linkinballz

3. 12 to 15 year olds with Cola and Sprite, a camcorder, a random song, some random crap, and, well....just, 0_o
Well...., at least I can watch good Music videos on Youtube.

by CompletelyRandomChicken April 09, 2007
156 23
Great website, and deserves it's popularity. You can find practically ANY video you want. Music videos, fights, movie clips, trailers, and the list goes on.

The problem with the site is the many teenage kids pretending to be 30+ trolling videos, and not knowing how to spell or type properly.
- YouTube Music Video-

OptimisticUser12128991228: This video was cool. Thanks for uploading it!

ConstructiveCritic806970: I don't really like music singer, but thanks for uploading anyway.

Dumbass13YearOldTroll: omg u suk so fukin much. u deserv 2 burn in hell. i hate diz video so much, even tho i was moronic enuff 2 serch it on utube!
by Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd January 31, 2009
106 13
An excellent website for video hosting. It is very good but also has its downfalls.

Good Things - Great variety of videos to watch, ability to freely express your opinion through videos.

Bad Things - AMVs, idiots, spammers.
Fucking Stupid Guy : (commenting on a Rammstein music video) Omg! Rammstein r teh nazis becuz tey r lik teh German!!!111

Cool Guy : Hey fuck you, buddy!

*Pointless, drawn-out arguing ensues.*


10 Year Old With Too Much Time On Hands : I think I'll take clips from stupid fucking Naruto, loop them to some gay fag emo music, edit it all with Windows Movie Maker, and put them on YouTube for no reason.
by Zach I October 01, 2007
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n. 1. website where you can watch videos that have been put on by the internet public. 2. website where you can put on videos on the internet so the whole world can see them

v. when one looks for a particular kind of video on the website
1. The new Justin Timberlake music video is on youtube.
2. Man that video was so hilarious that we have to put it on youtube.

3. If your looking for some awesome racing clips, just youtube it.
by Josh A. R July 29, 2006
124 35
The world's largest video website, infested by 13 year old girls who are obsessed with Edward Cullen and the Jonas Brothers, random racists and people who have nothing better to do other than post offensive comments to piss people off, and religious fanatics who are convinced that they can convert the aforementioned adolescent fangirls and morons. A minority among the Youtube community is the normal honest people who just want to listen to music and see some funny videos without seeing a bunch of morons arguing about Twilight and Christianity.
I went on Youtube to listen to music. In the middle of the song, I checked out the comments and found a bunch of illiterate morons arguing about nothing in particular.
by mockingbyrd1313 February 22, 2009
90 11
Before October 2006, it was a place where intelligent people could place their videos and post music. That was before the makers of YouTube sold out by giving the rights to Google. Now, it is a place for 13-year-olds with camcorders and too much time on their hands, nerds who make Naruto videos playing to their favorite Linkin Park song, trolls, and Internet tough guys.
A reply sent to me on YouTube:

"dude u got anger issues :L , u can take from ur atitude no one loves u , cant blame them lol , awh is that all u want a hug ? dude ur a big hypercrite , , fucking dipshit lawl kthxbai ,"
by WPH15 July 31, 2009
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