The greatest video sharing website on the planet since television. Until it got taken over by Google... now it continues to delete every video because of 'Violation Laws/Rights' or whatever bullshit like that. Now all they will have is videos of stupid 16 year olds doing stupid stuff while driving in their stupid 'new' cars.
Youtube sold out. Google is gay.
by A Halo With Horns March 03, 2007
Once a good site for sharing and watching videos, it is now a place for prepubescent kids with video cameras to upload Jackass reenactments and video blogs about their uneventful lives. It also has a comment system full of bad grammar, chain letters, and advertisements.
Kid 1: Hey guys did you see my cool new youtube video? Me and the other 3rd graders jumped of of a 2 foot hill and then rolled around unnecessarily to make it seem like it was more life threatening.
Kid 2: I am so gonna comment on that and give it 5 stars.

Comment 1: dude leik schweet im leik amaized n stund
Comment 2: ~~~~Go to
Comment 3: 6 days from now you will find the love of your life if you post this 20 more times. If you don't you will die from a lightning blot.
by GeneralGore September 13, 2007
A site where you can watch short clips of people and things.
girl 1 : Hey,I went on and I saw this german kid go nuts over his computer.

girl 2 : Cool,I'm going to go watch it tonight.

girl 3 : were you talking about you tube? It's awesome!
by Amber Smith April 29, 2006
A video hosting site. Unfortunately, it is ruined by copyright laws and little annoying flamers/trolls that are hard to get, kinda like flies, but they don't die. It is also ruined due to the fact that Google bought it; not giving options, such as the recent news, they're forcing us to switch to the new, worse beta channels.
New YouTube isn't like the old YouTube anymore.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
A website in which you can post videos on. It was created by two people who are now Billionaires because Google bought them out. Rich bastards...

They're thinking of renaming it Gootube.
What a gay name...
Youtube. 'Please don't rename to Gootube'
by Neo D. October 14, 2006
A nice place to watch random music videos & such like that, such as music videos, episodes of a favorite TV show, & so on and so on. But there's a few things I have to complain about, though:

1. The commenting, some of these can get WAY out of control, it's all the same: Some random troll who can't spell for shit (12-20) trying to get a rise out of people by spouting racial, sexist, homophobic, and just plain obscene crap, which then leads to the flame war.

2. Anime nerds and Narutards who think that every song in creation (including the ones that suck) sounds just right with clips from Naruto or they increase the "popularity" of the dreaded Linkinballz

3. 12 to 15 year olds with Cola and Sprite, a camcorder, a random song, some random crap, and, well....just, 0_o
Well...., at least I can watch good Music videos on Youtube.

by CompletelyRandomChicken April 09, 2007
Great website, and deserves it's popularity. You can find practically ANY video you want. Music videos, fights, movie clips, trailers, and the list goes on.

The problem with the site is the many teenage kids pretending to be 30+ trolling videos, and not knowing how to spell or type properly.
- YouTube Music Video-

OptimisticUser12128991228: This video was cool. Thanks for uploading it!

ConstructiveCritic806970: I don't really like music singer, but thanks for uploading anyway.

Dumbass13YearOldTroll: omg u suk so fukin much. u deserv 2 burn in hell. i hate diz video so much, even tho i was moronic enuff 2 serch it on utube!
by Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd January 31, 2009
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