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A site that was once good, full of artists who liked to have a place to express their work and get useful and constructive criticism. This was when it first started.

Now it is home to:

-Stupid wannabe hackers trying to post tutorials.

-5 year old children who claim they are 26.

-People who spam the comments section with webcam links.

-People who constantly ask, "what song is that?".

-Annoying people who keep asking how to do something despite it clearly being explained.

-People who give every video they encounter the lowest rating possible (1 star).

-People who continuously post "please subscribe to my channel" on every video description.

-People who use the new video annotation function to post "subscribe!" all over the place.

-Angry people ranting about why they hate parking spaces and everything in between.

-People who try to make funny or amusing videos involving a "mash-up" of video clips.

-People who do product reviews who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

-Idiots trying to do stunts that fail horribly.

-People who use "U" and "UR" in tutorial videos.

-People who use Windows Movie Maker and don't even change the colors.

-People who post videos with excessively loud music that takes your focus off the video.

-A code that everyone uses on their site to embed videos because nobody has ever heard the concept of embedding their own videos.

-People who use the crappiest encoding formats that sound like crap.

-Failed comedians who try to copy off of Saturday Night Live and Mad TV.

-People who like to quote movies or re-make them.

-Some of the most foul mouthed little children who like to abuse the word "fuck" in every comment and/or video title.

In other words, YouTube used to be fairly decent, but then little idiots took over and now the rest of us are thrown into this swirl of atrocity they call videos.
Person 1: Hey man lets make a YouTube video we think is going to be funny, and then we will get angry when someone tries to comment against it!

Person 2: Yea! Then we can put loads of video annotations all over our video that tell people to subscribe!
by Da Milkman February 24, 2009
236 34
Fantastic website for viewing videos it is loved by all the world. Except Viacom they hate it for some reason....
Watch and enjoy the videos on youtube but remember, no matter how much you want to, NEVER read the comments people have made. Especially those on videos that have a political connection i.e. Iraq. It may start of as an informed discussion but the comments will soon boil down to 1 of 3 basic premises.
1. 'We won world war 2 you Hitler appeasing bastard'
2. 'I suppose you would rather Saddam Hussein was still in power'
3. 'Thats typical conservative/liberal distortion of facts'

All served up with a healthy dose of abuse and words like 'bitch' 'whiny' and for some reason 'faggot' seems to be a very popular word.

Seriously it can happen on the most innocent of videos such as one for Cat Stevens, a singer who converted to Islam (uh oh), and then changed his name to Yusef Islam. I think you can see how that one got off topic!

Videos = good , comments = bad

by Bob Kale May 18, 2007
201 25
A chat room for racist, homophobic shit licking chicken-shits, pussies and morons.

With some videos attached.

A great source of footage of just about everything you can imagine. Comment system is buggy at best. Copyright rules seem to be the only rules truly enforced. Reporting feature is a joke that can result in an email stating that your claim won't even be read because you MAY have clicked 'send' more than once. Finding out how to report a person is nigh impossible as well. You tube doesn't give a shit.

The place where terrorists can post videos of executions, a moron can tell <insert sub culture/race> that they should all die...
BUT, a video featuring a baby dancing to a Prince song gets pulled. It's all about the $$$ at youtube.

Youtube's policies are enforced strictly on what can make them the most money. Trolls and terrorists get the most hits, so Youtube's staff ignores them.
Example Youtube Video (a Mother cradling her newborn just after birth)

Idiot1: I'd fuk that bich!11!
Idiot2: You ugly cunt u babby is ugly to u bich cunt fag!
Idiot3: Bet that pussy is nice n bloody fap fap fap
Idiot4: I LMAO
Idiot5: cancer cancer penis fag nigger jew furfag emo penis penis faggity aids fag fag nigger fuck!!!


Idiot1: 14
Idiot2: 15
Idiot3: 17
Idiot4: 13
Idiot5: 27
by FlowersInMidgar2 May 17, 2009
198 31
The greatest video sharing website on the planet since television. Until it got taken over by Google... now it continues to delete every video because of 'Violation Laws/Rights' or whatever bullshit like that. Now all they will have is videos of stupid 16 year olds doing stupid stuff while driving in their stupid 'new' cars.
Youtube sold out. Google is gay.
by A Halo With Horns March 03, 2007
250 90
A site where you can watch short clips of people and things.
girl 1 : Hey,I went on and I saw this german kid go nuts over his computer.

girl 2 : Cool,I'm going to go watch it tonight.

girl 3 : were you talking about you tube? It's awesome!
by Amber Smith April 29, 2006
251 99
A website in which you can post videos on. It was created by two people who are now Billionaires because Google bought them out. Rich bastards...

They're thinking of renaming it Gootube.
What a gay name...
Youtube. 'Please don't rename to Gootube'
by Neo D. October 14, 2006
185 37
Once a good site for sharing and watching videos, it is now a place for prepubescent kids with video cameras to upload Jackass reenactments and video blogs about their uneventful lives. It also has a comment system full of bad grammar, chain letters, and advertisements.
Kid 1: Hey guys did you see my cool new youtube video? Me and the other 3rd graders jumped of of a 2 foot hill and then rolled around unnecessarily to make it seem like it was more life threatening.
Kid 2: I am so gonna comment on that and give it 5 stars.

Comment 1: dude leik schweet im leik amaized n stund
Comment 2: ~~~~Go to
Comment 3: 6 days from now you will find the love of your life if you post this 20 more times. If you don't you will die from a lightning blot.
by GeneralGore September 13, 2007
187 50