Yolo - A term that means 'You Only Live Once' and can be used by anyone, but is typically used by the young, the stupid and the plain ignorant. It is often used to give justification for these people to do whatever they want whether that's wasting money on unnecessary things, jumping into a rocky lake or simply seeing how close they can take a knife to the eye. Which tends to end in disaster but hey, YOLO!
Hey i'm going to jump off this cliff and see if i'm okay, see you in a minute. YOLO!
by Ginge4 April 24, 2013
The term yolo means You Only Live Once. Commonly used by amazing girls called Lizzie or Elizabeth who like naps when they get home from school and early nights.
Matt: I'm tired
Lizzie: I'm not, I had a nap after school, Yolo!
by Mrwilloub April 22, 2013
An expression used by modern youth as an excuse to do stupid things.
Stands for, "You Only Live Once."
"Come on, dude. Let's jump into that pit of boiling acid. YOLO."

"You stole a car???"
"Yeah. Whatever; YOLO."

"I dropped out of school and my parents won't let me live with them."
"Oh well. YOLO it."

"I say YOLO, because YOLO!"
by The Awesome QL Person April 17, 2013
an overused word that used to be cool but now makes most people want to slap the shit out of anyone who says it. It is now used mostly by ten to twelve year old's hoping to be cool. *coughcough*
People also use this as a greeting, which I don't get.
Nick: *glares at him then walks away*
by Doyoureallycarewhatmynameis? April 06, 2013
An acronym for 'you only live once' used by drake. Overused. Mostly used by attention seeking teens.

More modern uses of the acronym are:

You obviously love oreos
You obviously lack origianality
You only love once
You only lick omar

OLOY: only losers obey yolo
I'm gonna jump out this window #yolo

Just missed an exam and may possibly live the rest of my life as a hobo #yolo

Walked into a wall #yolo
by RandomnessIsKey March 22, 2013
You Obviously Like Oreos.
Dude 1: OMG I love eating these biscuits, they are my life!!

Dude 2: YOLO!
by SezzaBiche March 16, 2013
What you should DEFINITELY say after every action you perform.
Driving over the speed limit... YOLO
Forgot to wear a condom... YOLO
Calculus exam tomorrow... YOLO
by Nytesdawn February 06, 2013

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