one of the best things that can come out of someone's mouth, sure they might be slowly dying in a horrible car wreck like 2 seconds after saying it, but YOLO
im saying YOLO is the best thing ever cuz YOLO
by SWAGFAGG0T December 12, 2012
A word no-one should ever use
''Ooh just ate an apple lol YOLO'
by akaspiderray December 02, 2012
One of the best things ever invented. The perfect way to kill off the retards in this world.
Person 1: I'm going to jump off a bridge 'cus you know, yolo.
Me: You know what, be my guest.
by Chrome shelled November 11, 2012
The fourth type of rhetorical persuasion, aside from logos, pathos, and ethos. Posited by Aristotle in Ancient Greece and revived by college students in the 21st century.

An argument in this style generally takes the form of yelling "YOLO" at your buds until they give into doing whatever unwise decision you're recommending.
Student #1: "Mark won't come out tonight, what should I tell him?"

Student #2: "Use the yolos method to get him over here."

Student #3: "Genius!"
by giantgreenthe November 09, 2012
Well you might as well sit down and shoot yourself because
you now have another reason to unload a minigun on your face.

Yolo stands for "you only live once" which is pretty fricken obvious, and it is frequently spammed on message boards and Facebook by teenagers and pre-teens.
Swagola: YOLO
Killer: *pulls out knife and stabs swagola*
Myth confirmed.
by SaviourZealot November 04, 2012
The meaning and justification for life.
YOLO, so Imma fuck bitches all nite fuck STDs.
YOLO, therefore I'm going to practice protected sex and wear a condom.
by yungboyz October 31, 2012
1. You Only Live Once

2. The Dumbest Phrase In The WHOLE Fucking World

3. Lyric Made By Drake
1. Drake Is A Dumb Ass For Even Singing That Lyric

2. Famous Last Words: YOLO
by luluthug October 06, 2012

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