Well you might as well sit down and shoot yourself because
you now have another reason to unload a minigun on your face.

Yolo stands for "you only live once" which is pretty fricken obvious, and it is frequently spammed on message boards and Facebook by teenagers and pre-teens.
Swagola: YOLO
Killer: *pulls out knife and stabs swagola*
Myth confirmed.
by SaviourZealot November 04, 2012
A very overused term that stands for "you only live once."
Mike: Dude, do you really want to try to eat the 12 spicy wings in 6 minutes?
John: YOLO!
Mike: And then celebrate at the Dollar Store?
John: YOLO!
by eatmydickjusteatit October 01, 2012
"Carpe diem" for stupid people
Should I talk to him/her? Yolo.
by Yoloyoloman September 12, 2012
Stands for "You Only Live Once"

Created by Douchebag teenagers and faggot frat guys to excuse their idiotic actions.
Normal Guy: Dude, don't bang that chick, she is passed out.

Frat Douche: YOLO, Bro!
by Tebown September 11, 2012
A saying wich means "You only live once"
It's the motto. And it's usually said before a dumbass does some real dumbass, ignorant shit.
"I'm gonna go pee in a bush! YOLO!"
"I'm gonna smoke this leaf! YOLO!"
"I'm gonna jump off this cliff! YOLO!"
by Call me avalanche July 20, 2012
it is the most fucking annoying word in the world. people hate it. it is gay.
Guy 1: Yo sup


Guy 1: Fuck you
by TheWildGareBear June 20, 2012
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