a word used by amatuers- everybody cuz all you mother fuckers looked this shit up
Blonde : "lets jump off the cliff"
Normal: "Why?"
Blondie: "Cuz yolo duh"
by ProCondontbeabitch January 12, 2015
The act of declaring your are an idiot before exercising poor judgement.
Going all in with a crappy poker hand on the internet with hundreds of people watching and saying, "85 off suit, on the button though. Sometimes you just gotta YOLO shit."
by Gary Daniels, TL Donovan January 07, 2015
An abbreviation for "you only live once". It is used by responsible people to remind others about safety, because you only have one life.
I'm going to put on my seatbelt. Yolo.
You know what? I've decided not to attach electrical nodes to my balls. Yolo!
by Elliot123 October 28, 2013
A sorry ass excuse for unscrupulous and unintelligible adolescents to initiate illogical and blatantly immoral actions. Widely used in 2012, it has been widely popularized by prepubescent girls and gayass teenage males to pose a rap-music cliche when they most likely don't even know who the fuck tuPac is. All YOLOers shall be executed in remote deathcamps for crudely insulting the English language, hence these filthy vile creatures are NOT human and therefore deserve little to no human rights. Yolo is jusy an overatted lyric published by Drake, a shitty cocksucking douchebag of a rapper, and is nothing more than the dumbass simple-english version of "CARPE DIEM" or"HUZZAH".
Dumbass YOLO ignoramus douche: "Yo, sup coz. I just got wasted last night and I fucked a bitch while she was asleep.
Normal Person: "Dude, you know the cops are after you for rape"

Dumbass YOLO ignoramus douche: "fuck it, YOLO!"

Scenario 2:

Yolo kid: Hey, I just robbed a bank, now I'm in prison for 30 years.
Me: You're a moron
YK: hey, YOLO
(I pick up my gun and shoot the YOLO kid in the face, he falls to the ground and dies.)
by huzzahzolzy May 16, 2013
An expression used by modern youth as an excuse to do stupid things.
Stands for, "You Only Live Once."
"Come on, dude. Let's jump into that pit of boiling acid. YOLO."

"You stole a car???"
"Yeah. Whatever; YOLO."

"I dropped out of school and my parents won't let me live with them."
"Oh well. YOLO it."

"I say YOLO, because YOLO!"
by The Awesome QL Person April 17, 2013
an overused word that used to be cool but now makes most people want to slap the shit out of anyone who says it. It is now used mostly by ten to twelve year old's hoping to be cool. *coughcough*
People also use this as a greeting, which I don't get.
Nick: *glares at him then walks away*
by Doyoureallycarewhatmynameis? April 06, 2013
1: "you only live once". a stupid shitass's excuse for anything and everything. DO NOT USE UNLESS YOUR TROLLING PEOPLE. if your serious then enjoy the incoming shitstorm. the stupid people version of "live and let live".

2: "you obviously love octavia". used by fans of "octavia", a my little pony backround character. rarely used in brony fandom.

3: "you obviously love octapus". i've only seen one person use this in real life but if you watch alot of tentacle porn, you will occationally run into it. used by fans fo tentacle porn. EXTREMELY RARE.
1: stupid guy/girl->"I'M GONNA EAT BACON!!!! YOLO!!!!"

2: obvious brony-> "buck pinkie pie. YOLO."

3: random guy talking about porn-> "fuck yoai porn. YOLO."
by human_derpy January 04, 2013

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