YOLI mean's "You Only Live Infinitely". This is often used by Buddhists, Hindus, or anyone else who believes in reincarnation.
Jack: I was thinking of becoming a necrophiliac, but I wasn't sure if I should...
Justin: YOLI man! Go on ahead and live life how you please! Screw nirvana! You have all the time in the world to reach it.
by SlutVista November 03, 2013
A nickname for the name Yolanda. It's a name commonly used in Latin America. Yoli's are usually very sweet, kind, and loyal. They are pretty as violet flowers. It's a very rare and unique name.
Ed: Have you ever met anyone with the name Yoli?

Bob: Nope she is the first person I meet with that name.
by Doodles123 June 13, 2011
a young beautiful women with really nice hair and nice lip also very classy .
A nickname for the name Yolanda/Yolaina. It's a name commonly used in Latin America
"girl: damn i want to be pretty like yoli's "

"guy:i wish my girlfriend was a yoli :( "
by kattylover September 24, 2011
Blue eyed girl who opens the door to her fellow classmates. She is happy all the time and wears her hair in a pony tail. She types very fast as she submits her ecology responses.
That girl is typing really fast she must be a yolis.
by aravind adiga April 12, 2010

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