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A nickname for the name Yolanda. It's a name commonly used in Latin America. Yoli's are usually very sweet, kind, and loyal. They are pretty as violet flowers. It's a very rare and unique name.
Ed: Have you ever met anyone with the name Yoli?

Bob: Nope she is the first person I meet with that name.
#yoli #yolanda #yoly #yolie #yolee
by Doodles123 June 13, 2011
Relatives who like to tease and poke fun at you. Never meant to be malicious usually ends up being funny.
Example 1:
Cousin 2 just learned to drive.

Cousin 1: You know that Filipino Store Ian Mae?
Aunt: Yes, what about it?
Cousin 1: Dad told me some new driver hit the store.
Aunt: Was it Jes (other cousin?)
Cousin: Ohh mom your such a trollative

Example 2:

You lose your phone and your freaking out, then after a while you find out your uncle hid it from you, but he denies it with all his might.
#relative #troll #teasing #funny #trollative
by Doodles123 August 12, 2011
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