A cool color!We all like that color!!Well,not all of us,but yellow is a cool color!
Yellow is a nice,relaxing color!
by hb10 November 30, 2007
A word used to stop fighting between friends, also used to think of happy thoughts. Often sung with "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow"
"Come on you guys stop fighting...think YELLOW!"
by JMP May 26, 2005
bermudian term for marijuana which is sold in small manila envelopes each containing enough for about 3 joints
Hey, call your man and get us some yellow for the party tonight!
by austin the satyr February 15, 2005
is a color associated with urine, puke and feces. Also the color of the sun.
Some homeless people have the color yellow on their pants, this is completely unrelated to their smell.
by KMSpecial December 01, 2004
yellow avalanche

this is when you are fucking a chick ass up face in the pillow . you cum on her back, and then pee and watch it run down to her head.
i was fucking my girlfriend's sister and it was sadly boring, so i gave that bitch the yellow avalanche.
by -CP- March 21, 2007

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