while smoking marijuana, when you take a good hit out of a bong or bottle, the smoke will fill it up and turn yellow, you then let oxygen in and inhale to clear it.
"damn fool you got the yellow up in that bitch, clear that shit!"
by zane lester March 29, 2008
Used in substitute for the word tired or its synonyms.
-"After that meal I'm feeling yellow"
-"He looks like he is getting yellow of this activity."
by chedzoid October 05, 2011
refering to crackcocaine
like how green is for bud and white is for blow
Hustler: "I got some yellow"
Feind: "okay okay, how much"
Hustler: "A dub"
Feind: "I got 15"
Hustler: "yea u got some lips to"
by JR124 October 04, 2006
Another term for a banana.
The word comes from verbal logic.

If Oranges are orange then you should call a banana a yellow.
I only ate one yellow.
by judge dredd7 November 10, 2012
Another term for asians.

Their are also white people, black people and brown people but the majority of people from Asia are yellow.
Most people who own convenience stores are either brown or yellow.
by Don't call me racist. January 02, 2005
The color of pee, bananas and lemons.

Oh and people who dont brush there teeth.
I hope your pee is yellow or there is probably something wrong with you.
by Z- July 24, 2008
the color your skin gets after taking a hit or multiple hits of weed and you start buggin out
Dude, you are so buggin out right now... OH MY GOD YOUR SKIN IS YELLOW!!
by flo jo11122222 July 23, 2008

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