The colour yellow stands for: attraction, activity, communication, eloquence, intellect, confidence, travel, concentration, agility, inspiration, happiness, luck, optimisn, faith and balance. It is the colour of the sun and the colour of smiley faces everywhere =P. Having yellow as a favorite colour may speak volumes about what kind of person you are.
Today feels like a yellow kind of day. (I know it's lame but please bear with me)
by Doom Kitty November 21, 2009
1. A warm color and part of the visible light spectrum

2. A coward or wimp

3. One of the first generation Pokémon games for the Game Boy. It seems to based upon the first season of the Pokémon anime.
The sun is yellow, right?

What the matter, runt!? You yellow?!

Yellow was my very first Pokémon game.
by DragonKazooie89 May 29, 2008
Street name for the prescription drug Norco.
Hey man, Do you know where I can get any yellows?
by Dani B Z July 24, 2008
to be in a good mood
And we can settle this affair
If you would shed your yellow take my hand
And then we'll solve the mystery of laceration gravity
by mychemicalromance October 22, 2004
Is the cat/player color, when you are playing a cat and mouse game on Starcraft the “Cat” is yellow. There was a joke made in this game in witch brown was given the joke that his probe was full of shit because of his color and his slowness and so someone pointed out during the game that the cats must have to go pee. This joke was created after a two hour long game in witch things were assigned to each color.
“What’s up with yellow?”
“He’s a computer”
“That explains a lot”
by Carter90 January 07, 2009
this is what nerdy people say when they answer the phone.
*ring ring ring*
Nerd: "yellow?"
Person" "uhhhh....nevermind"
Nerd: "alrighty, buh-bye"
by xxKaymariexx July 06, 2009
while smoking marijuana, when you take a good hit out of a bong or bottle, the smoke will fill it up and turn yellow, you then let oxygen in and inhale to clear it.
"damn fool you got the yellow up in that bitch, clear that shit!"
by zane lester March 29, 2008
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