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a word used not only to express happieness, but also in conjunction with hand symbols to express size.
-YAY! i won the lottery!

-hes about yay high *hold out hand*

-the box was yay wide by yay high
by berserker395 June 29, 2005
an ASCII way of making a really sweet bird picture
theres a <('\ outside my window
by berserker395 March 26, 2005
A planet with a single sun located inside a giant dust cloud on the utmost eastern edge of the galexy. because of the dust could there had never been anything to see in the sky, and night was totally blank. On the first trip into space in a spaceship built in someones backyard in almost exactly a year after discovering that there was such a thing as space, the masters of krikkit flew out of the dust cloud and saw the staggering jewels of the night in their infinite dust and their minds sang with fear. For a while they flew on motionless against the sweep of the Universe, turned around and said "it'll have to go".
The Krikkit attack on the galexy had been stunning. Thousands and thousands of huge krikkit warships had leaped suddenly out of hyperspace and simultaneously attacked thousands and thousands of major worlds, first seizing vital material supplies for building the next wave and then calmly zaspping those worlds out of existence.
It took the entire galexy approximatly two thousand years and two grillon guys, before Zipo Bebrok 5x10^8 suggested that the planet of krikkit was to be encased for perpetuity in an envelope of Slo-Time, inside which life would continue almost infinitely slowly, untill the rest of the udiverse came to its final end.
the people of Krikkit are, well, you know, the're just a bunch of really sweet guys, you know, who just happen to want to kill everybody. Hell, i feel the same way some mornings.
by berserker395 March 26, 2005
1) giant head and hands with a robot clone from Starfox 64

2) fat noob with a dell
Vet: No you beat the clone, you need to go the other route to beat the real andross.

Andross: HI!!!
Andross: Oh.
by berserker395 March 26, 2005
shortened form of the nickname andross
god dross i cant even bring myself to call you andross cause you share your name with the sweet guy off starfox 64
by berserker395 March 26, 2005

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